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X-Ray Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

X-Ray Services Near You in Brooklyn, NY. Schedule an Appointment With One of Our Doctors Today or Call (646) 217-4204 For More Information.

X-Ray Specialist at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

If you are suffering from internal injuries or a broken bone we want to help you at Brooklyn Urgent Care. Dr. Salem and associates provide x-rays for urgent care in Brooklyn, NY here at BKUC to improve your affordability and access to medical care. Learn more about our x-ray services.

X-Ray Q & A

If I Think I Have a Broken Bone can I Get Help at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

Yes, we offer comprehensive medical care for a broken bone including onsite x-rays at Brooklyn Urgent Care. By allowing you to get an x-ray here at our urgent care center you save time and money compared to going to an emergency room. Additionally, we can use the information provided by the x-ray to determine how to treat your broken bone. For minor injuries including clean breaks, we may be able to set your bone and provide you with medication. Our dedicated coordinator will work with your primary care physician, specialist, and pharmacy to help you achieve a full recovery.

What Types of X-ray Services are Available at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

Here at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we provide x-ray services for patients in our urgent care center. These x-rays are typically used for examining upper and lower extremities, as well as lungs, the spine, abdominal area, and pelvis. If you need an x-ray for an injury, such as a compound fracture or broken bone, we can help you. Our in-house x-ray machine allow us to assist you in rapid time.

How Do I Get an X-ray at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

At Brooklyn Urgent Care you do not need an appointment to get an x-ray. We are open 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday to assist your medical needs. You can walk into our facility to get an x-ray, or use our convenient Skip the Wait option to reserve your spot from your home. We make x-ray services for urgent care in Brooklyn as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Let our doctors help you with your fractures, broken bones, or internal aches today by getting an x-ray at Brooklyn Urgent Care.


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