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Lacerations Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

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Lacerations Specialist at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

When you have an emergency involving cuts and minor lacerations our doctors can assist you. At Brooklyn Urgent Care Ashraf Salem, MD offers walk-in service to for treating your lacerations. Prior to visiting your doctor at BKUC learn more about what to do in case you have a minor cut or laceration.

Lacerations Q & A

When Should I Go to Urgent Care for Lacerations?

If you have a cut or wound that isn’t responding to home care we can help here at Brooklyn Urgent Care. The first indication that you need to go to urgent care in Brooklyn is that the laceration is more than a quarter of an inch deep. After you have covered the cut or wound with a bandage, if the bleeding doesn’t stop within 10 minutes you may need stitches. Finally, if the cut is on the face, such as near the eyes or mouth, you want to get medical care. Also if your laceration is causing you pain, numbness, or immobility come to our Brooklyn medical facility. We will be able to treat your cut successfully while saving you money and time otherwise spent at the ER or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

What Will Ashraf Salem, MD Do for My Cuts or Open Wounds at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

When you come to see Ashraf Salem, MD or one of the other doctors at Brooklyn Urgent Care we will see you promptly. First, we will clean your wound thoroughly. Next, your urgent care doctor will access the wound to see if you have any nerve, muscle, or bone damage. If needed we will suture the wound to stop it from bleeding. We can also provide other emergency services related to the laceration, such as x-rays or fracture care. If needed we will give you a prescription for antibiotics, as well as pain medication to help ease the ache.

If I Have a Medical Condition and Receive a Laceration, Can Urgent Care Doctors in Brooklyn Help Me?

Often when a patient has a chronic condition, such as diabetes or a suppressed immune system, they are more likely to need urgent care in Brooklyn. So for a person with diabetes, for example, who gets a laceration on the arm that isn’t too deep, they may not be able to heal properly. This can lead to infection so you want to seek medical attention. Here at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we can help you treat lacerations even if you have a chronic medical condition.


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