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Fractures Specialist in Brooklyn, NY.

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Fractures Specialist at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

If you think that you have a bone fracture we may be able to help you here at Brooklyn Urgent Care. We provide extensive services for fractures including x-ray imaging to diagnose your condition. Find out more about how Ashraf Salem, MD and his team of doctors and medical staff help patients with fractures in Brooklyn, NY.

Fractures Q & A

What is the Difference Between a Bone Fracture and a Break?

When you have a fracture this is a bone that is broken. In other words, there isn’t a difference between a fracture and a break. There are several types of fractures including a stress fracture that is a hairline crack in the bone, as well as a compound fracture where the bone breaks out of the skin. You can have a fracture caused by trauma and injury, as well as overuse or disease within the bone. If you think you have a bone fracture it is important to seek urgent care assistance at BKUC immediately for treatment.

Can I Go to Brooklyn Urgent Care for Fractures?

Yes, we treat patients with fractures here at Brooklyn Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY. For minor broken bones, such as a fractured collar bone, broken finger, or broken toe, we can set that bone for you in-house. We can also work with your orthopedic specialist for more advanced fractures that require extensive treatment. Additionally, we work with pharmacies to help you get your medication for pain, as well as antibiotics and meds for inflammation fast.

What Can I Expect When Going to Brooklyn Urgent Care for a Bone Fracture?

When you come to Brooklyn Urgent Care for a bone fracture we begin with a physical examination to check for visible signs of a fracture. We will also ask you questions regarding how and why you believe you have a fracture. Next, we will use x-rays to determine if the bone is fractured and the extent of the injury. Thanks to the convenience of our in-house x-ray equipment we can get your x-rays taken expediently and affordably. Using this information we are able to either set your fracture or refer you to a specialist for more advanced bone fractures.


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