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EKG Specialists in Brooklyn, NY

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EKG Specialist at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

At Brooklyn Urgent Care we use an EKG test to screen for various health conditions. If you are in need of an EKG in Brooklyn, NY please come see Ashraf Salem, MD and associates at BKUC today. We can improve your health with our EKG equipment here onsite, while offering you a diagnosis and treatment for any related health issue.


What is EKG?

An EKG is an electrocardiogram that tests the electrical activity in your heart. An EKG test is performed by placing electrodes on the skin. It is quick and painless to get an EKG test done. During an EKG test, your heart’s electrical activity is recorded as line sketching across a sheet of paper. When there are spikes and dips in the heart activity sketching, these are known as waves. These waves measure the electrical impulse of each heartbeat. During a wave, the heart muscle pumps to squeeze and move blood from the heart. An EKG shows the timing of these waves, or pumps, to determine if there is anything out of sync with your heartbeat or heart.

Why Should I Get an EKG?

If you think you have heart problems or are suffering from chest pains, your doctor can use an EKG to gather two types of data. Your Brooklyn Urgent Care doctor may use an EKG test to find out how long it takes for electrical waves to pass in your heart. This is done to test if your heartbeat is irregular, fast, slow, or just right. Your doctor can also use an EKG to find out how much electrical activity is taking place in your heart. This can help them determine if your heart is enlarged or overworked.

How Do I Get an EKG Test at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

If you have an urgent care emergency that requires an EKG test you can get this done at BKUC. This is one of our diagnostic tools that we use to help patients in emergency medical situations. For patients suffering from chest pain or heart-related problems, we can use the EKG test to make a better diagnosis. Please visit Brooklyn Urgent Care immediately if you are suffering from pains in the chest so that we can diagnose your condition.


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